Nordic Fathers on Paternity Leave -conferenceTorstai  11.11.2021 - Helsinki & online

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Nordic Fathers on Paternity Leave -conference
November 11, 2021 @ Helsinki and online


  • Shared parenthood
  • Child’s right to two parents
  • More equality between parents
  • Fathers' strong relationship with their child
  • Sharing good practices

A present role in parenting improves fathers' opportunities to create a strong relationship with their child, as well as supports child’s right to two parents. Shared parenthood widens the tight gender roles and breaks stereotypes of what is expected of men. The primary goal is to both promote and normalize fathers' participation in parenting.

  • The positive effects of cooperative parenting would become increasingly visible.
  • Greater understanding of the positive effects of parental leave fathers have taken especially to children, fathers and the relationships between them.
  • Strengthen the activities / structures that support development co-operative parenting and the use of fathers’ parental leave.

Experience and know-how of Nordic NGO’s, experts and authorities will be summoned to be heard.

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